1. Can I subscribe without consultation in the meal plan ?
Yes ; you can choose your subscription but it will be better if you talk with our dietitian to get the exact portions for your needs.

2. Are you deliver to more than one address ?
Yes, different delivery addresses can be chosen before 48 hr.

3. What if I want to pause my subscription In weekend or other holidays?
Yes, you can. For feedback of your suggestion, please note us a working day (48 hours) for change.
Please review our Terms and Conditions for any additional information.

4. How can I contact customer service?
Communicate with the our customer service from Saturday to Thursday from 8:30 am and 6:30 pm by calling 44368820 / 55972271

5. What do I do when I feel hungry ?
Give yourself days to adjust to your new food portions and eating habits. If You still feel hungry , kindly call us and our dietitians will assist you

6. If I have allergies or dislikes in the food, what I can do ?
Please contact us, we will ask you to state if you have any allergies and food ingredients that you do not like in your meals as per programs rules.

7. How many days in the week you deliver the meals ?
We deliver on daily basis for the full week unless the client wishes to skip days.

8. How can I cancel my subscription?
You can pause your plan any time or reactive it by sending a message or calling us
These changes need up to 48 hours for them to take effect.

9. Can I try meals before registering in the program?
Yes, definitely! All you need to do is order from our branch in the Diet Shop.