Celiac Program

This is a Gluten Free program is designed to provide the celiac disease patients with a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes with no deprivation. Safely enjoy pasta, burgers, sweets and many more. This is a 30 consecutive days program consisting of weekly follow-up visits to your dietitian who will be noting and charting your progress.
Menu :
* The meal box contains; Breakfast, Lunch, 2 Snacks and Dinner.
* Your food selection will be made from a varied menu.4040

Benefits :
• Elevated Energy Levels.
• Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight.
• Eliminates Bloating.
• Helps Ease Joint Pain.

Weight loss range: 2-5 KG

o Prices : 4,050 QAR / 30 days
o Delivery: 225 QAR/ 30 days