Detox Program

The 11 day Detox Program offers personalized detox plan divided into 3 stages, Pretox-Detox and Protox. This comprehensive program consists of weekly follow-up visits to your dietitian who will be noting and charting your progress.

Menu : (fixed menu)
* The meal box contains: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1 snacks.
* Free Consultation and Body Composition Analysis.

• Detoxify your body from accumulating free radicals that are produced as a results of natural metabolism, exposure to pollution, bad eating habits, smoking or daily stress.
• Improve overall health and wellbeing.
• Promote weight loss since excessive fat tissues are favorite places to accumulate toxins.

* The program is rich in antioxidants rich foods like quinoa, oats, berries, cruciferous vegetables, fish and legumes. Food that is known to promote increased free radical production like processed food, red meat, chicken, chocolates and artificial sweeteners are avoided. Gluten containing products are excluded to ease the digestion process.

o Weight loss range : 1-4 KG
o Prices :1,733 QAR