The program is customized to meet the nutritional needs of the patient before and after the surgery, helping to maximize the long term success and reduce the pre and post-operative nutritional risk of the surgery. This is a 30 consecutive days program consisting of weekly follow-up visits to your dietitian who will be noting and charting your progress.
Menu :
* The meal box contains; breakfast– lunch- a snack and dinner.
* You can follow the diet plan that meets your case starting from the full liquid diet to the pureed diet, and followed by a soft diet.

Benefits :
• Patients lose about 60-70% of their extra weight.
• Effective at treating diabetes, high blood pressure and other medical conditions
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Eliminate obstructive sleep apnea

* Weight loss range: 2-5 KG

Prices :
* All stages from Puree, Liquid to soft Diet:
o Clear liquid: 45 QR/Day
o Full liquid: 70 QR/Day
o Puree: 80 QR/Day
o Soft: 90 QR/Day

Delivery charges:
o 7.5 QR/Day Inside Doha
o 19 QR/Day Outside Doha